Avocado growers happy after getting good price in Pindaya

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The avocados were grown near the villages in Pindaya township, Danu Self-Administered Zone, Shan State (South). Now, the growers are happy to get good price for avocado this year because it can create more job opportunities and earn the extra family income.
This is the main season of avocado production. Farmers are selling them by bringing it to the market. Pindaya township is located at 3,880 feet above sea level and the region is growing local crops using agricultural techniques to attain good varieties of local fruits, vegetables and flowers.
People from nearest villages from Pindaya township are growing the avocado plants in their yard on a manageable scale while some are growing on a commercial scale.
The flat land villages near Pindaya township harvested the avocado in December while the mountain villages such as Maenaetaung village, Pansitt village, Hsekyainn village and other mountain villages will start harvesting the fruit in March. Subsequently, the price of avocado is better than other regions.
Currently, the avocado from Pindaya township have been entered to the market with a minimum of K17,000 and a maximum of about K20,000 per carton containing 25 avocado fruits. The price of avocado can be different depending on size of the fruit.
The avocados from the villages are conveyed to Yangon and Tachilek towns though Pindaya township. Farmer are happy to get better price this year as compared to the previous year, according to a trader who come and collects avocado from the villages and sells them back in other regions. —Aye Aye Latt (Pindaya IPRD)/GNLM

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