Avoid negligent acts in using fire in the open season

Every citizen needs to take care of systematically using fire and electricity and taking preventive measures against fire at their home not to cause the outbreak of fire in the open season as negligence of anyone in unsystematic use of fire may bring plights to many families.
Most times of fire which broke out in Myanmar were based on negligent acts of users, according to the analyses of relevant departments. It is because as Myanmar is a developing country, most of the people, especially those residing in sub-urban areas, outskirt areas of cities and rural areas, experience the use of firewood fire to cook their daily meals.
Hence, not only local authorities but relevant residents should take care of using fire in their daily routine. They have to take preventive measures such as systematically keeping the stoves, storing fuel away from the stove, controlling children not to use the fire, not using oil lamps and candlelights near walls of houses and fuel and not using fire at harvesting paddy.
Outbreak fire may cause loss of valuable forests and buildings, soil erosion in loss of forests, flooding, the decline of underground water, dryness of springs, death of wildlife animals and loss of pasturelands.
In fact, the outbreak of fire brings loss to the country, delaying the development of the State. As such, entire people are to follow the directives on preventive measures of fire issued by relevant departments and organizations while contributing to the emergence of a comprehensive fire safety system to be able to protect the nation and the citizens to be free from the danger of fire.
The terrible outbreak of fire destroyed famous markets such as the advanced Yangon’s Mingala market in 2016 and Iron Market in Lanmadaw Township in February 2020 and the Yadanabon market in Mandalay in 2018. Most of these fire outbreaks lost billions of kyats. Hence, everybody needs to take lessons from past events of fire breakouts so as to avoid regrettable events in the future.
Everybody is attached to their property and assets. No one wishes to lose their property. It is sorrowful to hear about an outbreak of fire based on negligent acts. Loss cannot be used to rebuild lives. As such, everybody needs to culture the consideration not to face the danger of fire at any time while helping relevant departments and organizations in their functions for prevention of fire in various types including forest fire, fuel fire, damage of electrical cables, arsons, setting fire to farmlands and negligent acts to implement the fire safety plans.

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