Bagan sand painting gains in popularity among locals

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Bagan sand painting, 100% handmade art has caught many attentions in the local market and demand has also risen, according to sand painting sellers from Bagan.

“It has gained in quite popularity in the domestic market these years compared to previous times. In past, it could attract local visitors though no one bought. However, foreign-made printed elephant or dragon pictures even cost US$10-15 so more people would like to buy this 100% handmade art, sand painting when they visit Bagan,” said a sand painting shop owner in Bagan.

Over previous years, sand painting attracted foreign tourists and its demand also got high.

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“We had to rely on foreigners in Bagan at the beginning. Later when arrival of foreign visitors was low, we have made a change of focus towards the local market. The arrival of foreign visitors always gets high in every September, October, November and December in Bagan,” said a sand painting shop owner in Bagan.

Depending on design and category, a sand painting costs ranging from K25000 to K65000 at present and the price varies depending on customized orders.

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