Bayintnaung market: weekly commodity prices


Between 20 and 26 July, the onion, chilli and rice prices are high and the black gram and pigeon pea prices drop in the Bayintnaung market.

On 26 July, a total of 120,000 visses of onion entered the Yangon market at higher prices. On the same day, Seikbyu onion price was K1,350-1,650-1,850-1,950 per viss and Monywa onion fetched K1,450-1,750-1,950-2,050 a viss. The price almost reached K2,100 per viss of large-size Monywa onion on 14 June.
The onion prices are also high in the countryside. In the Pakokku market, the highest price was K1,650 per viss on 26 July while K1,550 per viss in the Seikbyu market and K1,700 a viss in the Myingyan market. The price rose by K50 on 25 and 26 July.

Shan (Aungban) garlic was priced at K2,000-2,600-3,200-3,700 per viss and K3,200 a viss of Kyukok garlic.

Shan Aungban’s new potato price was K1,200-1,300-1,350 a viss while the Chinese potato price was K1,650-1,700 per viss on 26 July.

The chilli prices drastically surged in late July in the Yangon market. The Moe Htaung chilli and Bell Pepper prices were about K10,000 a viss. The chilli prices are from K9,500 and K12,500 per viss depending on the type of chilli.

The leftover amount of Shwebo Paw San is low in Shwebo and the new rice will be produced by the end of the year and the prices become high. However, the Shwebo Pawsan price was K3,000 per pyi despite the different brands and prices in the market.
The special Shwebo Pawsan price was K78,000 per bag and K70,000 per bag of low-grade, and the Pawsan of the delta region can slightly be high. The low-grade rice price remains unchanged and the broken rice prices decline. It was K54,000-55,000 per bag of Pathein-Myaungmya rice, K52,000-53,000 per bag of Pyapon rice, and K50,000 per bag of Bogale-Mawkyun rice, K42,000 per bag of Pawkywe, K35,000-37,000 per bag of 90 days rice, K32,500 per bag of double-cropping rice and K28,500-29,000 per bag of broken rice on 26 July.

Black gram, red pigeon pea
On 26 July, black gram (FAQ/RC) was priced at K1,630,000 per tonne in the Yangon market while K1,865,000 per tonne of SQ/RC and K1,487,500 per tonne of pigeon pea (Red/RC). On 20 July, black gram (FAQ/RC) was priced at K1,670,000 a tonne while K1,490,000 a tonne of pigeon pea (Red/RC). The prices of the two types of beans drop this week. — TWA/GNLM

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