Bayintnaung market: weekly commodity prices


The rice, chilli and potato prices were high while the market received a large amount of onion at low prices between 27 July and 2 August 2022. The Shan garlic was priced at K2,000-2,600-3,150-3,700 per viss and K3,200 per viss of Kyukok garlic. Moreover, the pigeon pea price rose to about K100,000 per tonne during this week and the black bean prices did not change.

The Rice NGO announced that they will sell one rice bag to one household at the Wadan wholesale centre at fairer prices on 3 August. On 2 August, the Shwebo Pawsan was priced at K80,000-87,000 per bag while K65,000 per bag of Pathein-Myaungmya rice, K63,000 per bag of Pyapon Pawsan, K45,000 per bag of Pawkywe, K40,000 per bag of 90-day rice and K34,000 per bag of double-cropping rice, according to the Bayintnaung market.
The rice prices to be sold at the Wadan wholesale centre are K75,000-77,000 per bag of Shwebo Pawsan, K52,000-55,000 per bag of Ayeyawady Pawsan, K55,000-60,000 per bag of Kyapyan and K35,000-37,000 per bag of 90-day rice.

Cooking oil
The Yangon-based palm oil reference prices dropped to K3,525 per viss from K3,665 per viss and the barrel oil price of outside the Yangon market is still about K8,500 per viss. One 18-litre container oil is priced at K86,000-87,000.

The onion prices rose K50 per viss in three successive days from 25 to 27 July. The price remained unchanged from 28 to 30 July and it dropped K50 per viss on 1 August. A total of 210,000 visses of onion entered the market on the same day while 150,000 visses on 2 August.
On 2 August, the Seikbyu onion price did not change while the Monywa onion price declined a little. It was K1,350-1,650-1,850-1,950 per viss of Seikbyu onion and K1,400-1,800-1,900-2,000 per viss of Monywa onion.

The Chinese potato prices were K1,850 per viss on 2 August while K1,000-1,200-1,500-1,700-1,800 per viss of Shan Aungban potato.

The Chilli prices rose to K12,500 per viss more than last week’s prices and reached K1,450-1,500 per viss on 1 August.

On 2 August, the black gram (FAQ/RC) was priced at K1,650,000 per tonne in the Yangon market while K1,910,000 per tonne of SQ/RC and K1,572,500 per tonne of pigeon pea (Red/RC). The pigeon pea price was high about K100,000 per tonne during this week. On 26 July, it was K1,487,500 per tonne of pigeon pea and rose to K1,580,000 on 1 August. — TWA/GNLM

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