Bayintnaung market: Weekly commodity prices


The onion and broken rice prices are high again at the Bayintnaung market between 23 and 29 June. The Chinese onions enter daily and palm oil price drastically drops while the black gram and pigeon pea prices become high again.

The finished rice prices remain unchanged. The rice price is K55,000-60,000 per bag of Shwebo Pawsan while K54,000 per bag of Pathein Pawsan, K51,000 per bag of Pyapon Pawsan and K40,000 per bag of Pawkywe. It is K33,000 per bag of Theehtet, K37,000-38,000 per bag of special Myaungmya (90 days) and K35,000 per bag of normal.
There are about 90 trucks carrying Shwebo (90 days) rice bags to the Bayintnaung wholesale centre and it is K36,000 per bag. The transport charge from Shwebo to Yangon is K3,000 per bag of rice. The (1-2 raw rice) price declines to K29,500 per bag and it rises to K30,500 per bag this week. The summer sticky rice is K58,000 per bag (102 pounds) and K39,000 per bag of monsoon sticky rice.
Onion/ garlic
This week, the Monywa onion prices on 27 June were K1,150-1,450-1,600-1,650 per viss while K1,150-1,400-1,500-1600 per viss of Seikpyu onion. On 29 June, the market received only 60,000 visses of onion and the prices rose to K1,300-1,600-1,700-1,800 per viss of Monywa onion and K1,200-1,450-1,550-1,650 per viss of Seikpyu onion.
One Chinese onion (large size) truck enters the market with 60,000 visses and the price is K1,600 per viss.
Shan garlic (Aungban) is K2,200-2,600-3,200-3,700 per viss and Kyukok garlic (small bag) is only K2,650.

On 29 June, the market received 24,000 visses of potato. The Shan Heho potato was priced at K1,550-1,650-1,650-1,650 per viss, Chinese potato K1,750, Bangla potato K1,500 and cleaned potato K1,750.

On 29 June, the new Meiktila chilli was priced at K7,700 per viss. In the Yangon market, Hinthada chilli was K7,700 per viss and over 100 chilli bags were sold out.
Myarni and Pan Ngaye chilli (normal) is K8,000 per viss while K8,500 per viss of chilli is kept in cold storage, K9,000 per viss of Myitwa Moe Htaung, K8,500-9,200 per viss of Sinphyukyun chilli and K10,000-12,000 per viss of Atwin Myitwa chilli.

Cooking oil
The price of peanut oil is K8,500-11,000 per viss and K8,500-9,500 per viss of sesame oil. The palm oil price was K7,200 per viss on 21 June and was only K6,200 on 29 June.
The oil vessels arrive in the country and the foreign oil prices also decline and so the prices of the Yangon market also drastically drop.

Black gram and pigeon pea
This week, the black gram FAQ/RC (2022) price is over K70,000 per tonne and K60,000 per tonne of pigeon pea. On 29 June. The black gram RC was priced at K1,693,500 per tonne and a total of 240 tonnes were sold out. The pigeon pea RC (2022) was also priced at K1,447,500 per tonne. — TWA/GNLM

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