Be rid of waste from minds


Don’t be surprised to know things if you know your minds are full of waste in various forms. It is really. These wastes are in the forms of tangible and intangible ones as well as natural and manmade ones.
The tangible form of waste can be seen in all parts of the planet Earth. The global people dispose the tangible wastes such as decayed and damaged ones, useless ones, dirty and dangerous ones, and so on. These can be seen in the touchable forms in our environs on a daily basis, disturbing the minds of all. Hence, all the persons are trying to get rid of these forms of waste from their minds.
The intangible forms of waste are based on the daily acts and malpractices which may cause dirt to the minds of persons. For instance, most of the persons cannot appreciate others’ success and progress, but they are eager to look at the disadvantages and missing chances of others. If so, they are satisfied with tasting the losses and sufferings of others.
Tangible and intangible forms of waste can be easily seen in society. As such, it can be made to the conclusion that most of the persons are unable to appreciate the good deeds and advantages of others but are delighted at the bad impacts of others. How terrible it is! It is astonishing that their rude minds are manipulating the nature of society as a daily routine.
Indeed, all the people in different societies need to culture their minds in order to bear good deeds and acts to the future. Somebody shall bring things they wish. They have chances to discard the things they don’t want if they keenly wish. Actually, the lifespan of everybody is too short. They all have been struggling for a period of fewer than 100 years. All the scenes of acts committed by those persons are shown in a rapid manner. It is because the rebirth called vicious circle is an unexpected situation.
All of our minds must be kept soft, clear and clean. It is necessary to get rid of waste from the minds. These minds must stay away from envy and jealousy but must be used in shaping a prosperous society. So also, such minds must be applied in releasing the doves to build a peaceful society in harmony with all diversity.

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