Betel price drops in last two days despite rise in Thingyan

Although betel price increased during Thingyan, it has dropped in the last two days, according to betel leaf sellers.

The price of the  most common betel leaves per viss rose from  K 9000-10000 to K 20,000 during Thingyan period.

“The most common betel leaf was sold at K 18,000 to K 20,000 per viss during Thingyan. In some areas, it went up to K 25,000.  The price came down after Thingyan by K 1000. For the  last two days, the price was K 17,000 to K 18,000,” said a betel retail shop owner.

Betel price may continue to fall in the later period, according to the market.

“To sell during Thingyan, some retailers from small towns bought betel for four or five days. When the stock ran out, the price shot up. Later, it can only go down. Betel price usually falls during the rainy season. In summer, the price goes up, but not very much,” said a betel retailer from Kyaukse Township. – Thit Taw/ZN

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