‘Beware of Pickpockets’ stickers to be placed on Yangon buses

As a preventive measure to warn the passengers, the ‘Beware of Pickpockets’ stickers will be placed on buses, according to the Yangon Region Public Transport Committee (YRTC).
A sticker was sent on 16 May to the YBS companies asking them to put three stickers on each bus.
“This is to get rid of pickpockets. CCTVs will be installed on the buses to catch them if they are on the bus. The main purpose of sticking these reminders is to get rid of rampant pickpockets on the buses and not to allow pickpocketing on the buses,” said YRTC joint secretary U Lyan Cin Mang.
Pickpocketing mostly happens on buses without CCTV, while for cases on CCTV-installed YBS, pickpocket identification procedures have been started in cooperation with the Myanmar Police Force after being tracked by YRTC’s control centre.
Sticker locations for YBS are at the entrance door, behind the driver, and at the back of the vehicle, and mini-buses are at the entrance door and on the left and right sides of the back of the bus.
YRTC conducts monitoring activities for the disciplined operation of buses in Yangon with eight inspection teams and three joint district teams at the 16 most congested bus stops on a daily basis. — MT/ZN/ED

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