Black gram price rebounds to K1,770,000 per tonne

2020 sskm
Merchants are seen evaluating beans and pulses at the market.

The black gram price reaches K1,770,000 per tonne again, according to the market. On 1 December, it was K1,695,000 per tonne and K1,770,000 per tonne on 10 December. Therefore, the price rose to K75,000 per tonne within ten days.
The price fluctuation depends on the foreign currency exchange rate and Indian demand.
In August, the exchange rate was over K4,500 per dollar in the black market and the black gram price hit a record high at K2.1 million per tonne.
Currently, the country exported about 1.1 million tonnes of beans and pulses in over eight months of this FY earning over $ 800 million, according to the Ministry of Commerce.
Between 1 April and 2 December of the 2022-2023FY, the country shipped a total of 1,098,377.603 tonnes of beans and pulses worth $863.237 million – 942,926.773 tonnes worth $756.457 million via sea route and 155,450.830 tonnes worth $106.780 million through land borders.
In the 2020-2021FY, the country exported a total of 2,029,695.882 tonnes of beans and pulses worth $1,750.707 million – 1,242,775.651tonnes worth $966.407 million via sea and 786,920.651 tonnes worth $604.300 million across land borders.
The country mainly exports black gram, mung bean and pigeon peas. Among them, the black gram and pigeon pea are exported to India and the mung bean is to China and some European countries.
India has a growing demand for the black gram and pigeon peas and the two countries signed a Memorandum of Understanding on 18 June 2021.
According to MoU, India will import 250,000 tonnes of black gram and 100,000 tonnes of pigeon peas from Myanmar for five consecutive years from the 2021-2022FY to the 2025-2026FY (April-March). This G-to-G pact will not affect the annual quota set by India and Myanmar bean exporters are also entitled to deliver pulses to India under that annual quota.
Myanmar produces about 400,000 tonnes of black gram and about 50,000 tonnes of pigeon peas yearly.
Myanmar is the top producer of the black gram that is primarily demanded by India, while pigeon peas, green grams and chickpeas are cultivated in Australia and African countries besides Myanmar, according to Myanmar Pulses, Beans and Sesame Seeds Merchants Association. – NN/KTZH

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