Build clean and tidy towns and villages as well as minds

Everybody needs to practise personal hygiene including neat wearing individually. So also, they all have to keep their towns, cities and the State clean and pleasant in order to attract anyone as part of uplifting the prestige and integrity of the nation.
A neat and tidy environment can create the physical and mental moves of all the people in society. Clean, pleasant and healthy environs can help all citizens enjoy physical and mental well-being. It is a potent medicine for human beings. Only when the environment where the people live individually is clean and beautiful will towns and villages become clean cities and villages.
If so, the environments of these cities and villages will bring good results in health conditions to society. Hence, officials of the administrative bodies and relevant departments are to shape their assigned areas to be clean and pleasant regions without fail.
In this regard, everybody is responsible for cleaning their environment and residences as much as they can. They have to participate in sanitation tasks, cleaning drains for proper flow of water, removing unnecessary branches of trees and bushes, spraying for prevention of dengue haemorrhagic fever, cleaning water tanks and systematically disposing of garbage for the sake of their society.
Currently, not only the government but local people are actively striving for building their residences to be clean areas with cleaning activities. Those people are led by volunteers who never focus on their selfishness but emphasize the interests of the people and the nation. Gradually, towns and villages can be seen with cleanliness. So, clean religious edifices, prominent buildings, departmental offices, schools and universities as well as parks and public places can be seen one after another across the nation.
In fact, clean structures are physical progress. Actually, all the citizens need to improve themselves to clean their mindsets. Only when they can culture their minds to be clean and beautiful will they and their environments be neat and tidy as well as will their images be brighter. If they all understand such a point, they will be easy to possess clean physical and mental progress.
Dirtiness can tarnish images of everybody and everything. All citizens of Myanmar should remove dirt in their minds and in their environs. As a result, their towns and villages will have cleanliness while their minds will be clean. If so, the living standards and health conditions of citizens will improve day by day, which will be attractive to visitors from abroad.

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