Building united strength to safeguard the region and the State: Senior General

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The Senior General presents foodstuffs for Tatmadaw members and families.

As military units are formed with local ethnic nationals, these units must be united with local people in harmony. If they have united strength, anyone cannot harm the military units. Likewise, if security forces, departmental personnel and all local people are in unison, anyone cannot harm the region. So, they all have to build a united strength, said Chairman of the State Administration Council Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing at a meeting with officers, other ranks and families from PutaO Station of Northern Command at the station hall yesterday morning.
Build the united strength
Security forces, departmental personnel and local people are to be united for ensuring peace and stability and the prevalence of law and order in the PutaO region. The local battalion is formed with Tatmadaw members and families including local ethnic people. At a time when regiments and units in some regions faced the ambushes of armed groups, women who are Tatmadaw member families bravely counterattacked the armed groups for protecting their families and their military units. As motherly spirit and fatherly spirit will create a family with united strength, the PutaO region needs to forge such spirit. Military units need to strive for achieving success in military own agriculture and livestock farms in order to contribute to the food supply of the units.
Obeying disciplines with military awareness and conscience
Good discipline and obedience are good practices of individual Tatmadaw members. If they correctly do daily functions under the disciplines and codes of conduct, they will be qualified Tatmadaw members. Tatmadaw members in individuals must take training on the skilful use of arms and equipment. If so, they will skilfully handle the arms on the battlefields.
Encouraging education
Dutiful performance, discipline and obedience will contribute much to raising their ranks. So, they have to strive for improvement in their lives and carry out tasks in line with their ranks. Reading can support their lives, so officers, other ranks and families need to read. They have to encourage their offspring to learn education.
As PutaO is a far-flung area and has a cold climate, they all have to take care of their health. They have to take physical exercises and avoid indulgence with self-control. The Senior General then asked about the difficulties of Tatmadaw members and families.
Presenting foodstuff and cash assistance
The Senior General presented foodstuffs for Tatmadaw members and families to the station commander and the wife of the Senior General gave cash assistance for the station maternal and child welfare association to the wife of the station commander.
Later, the Senior General and party cordially greeted Tatmadaw members and families. — MNA

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