Camera traps capture 25 rare species, including Bengal tigers, in Htamanthi Wildlife Sanctuary

The camera traps recorded 25 rare species, including Indian (or Bengal) tigers, after 90 days of placement in Htamanthi Wildlife Sanctuary in Homalin Township of Sagaing Region.
The Htamanthi Wildlife Sanctuary is home to 57 species of mammals. They include 332 bird species, 67 fish, 77 species of amphibians and crawling animals, 432 plants, 19 herbal plants, 14 types of bamboo, eight types of canes, 23 aquatic plants, 18 grass and 16 orchids, as well as other rare animal species and roofed turtles.
“The survey on wild animals, including rare species in Htamanthi Wildlife Sanctuary, was conducted early this year. The survey shows Indian or Bengal tigers, Sun bear and Himalayan bear species and also elephant, clouded leopard, cat species and Gaur. Although we installed 50 camera traps in previous years, there were only 24 this time as we mainly focused on the tiger population. It recorded 25 rare species, including two bear species, Sun bear and Himalayan bear, bearing V and U shape on the chest. We need to consider if the species that we recorded last year are not found this year. We found two further species this year. The new findings prove that we are conserving the natural protected areas in momentum, and we are also proud of it,” said U Win Hlaing, a sanctuary warden.
The camera trap was placed in Nameisuu area of Htamanthi Wildlife Sanctuary to record the animals in the sanctuary for 90 days. The rare species, including the tiger, were recorded from day trips, camping and Nanyanyin camp in February 2023. The Htamanthi Wildlife Sanctuary stretches over 830 square miles and is rich in creeks, waterfalls, and biodiversity. It is also a place where Shanni and Naga ethnic people reside.
Conservation of the amphibians and natural environment as a national task can promote socioeconomic status and nature-based tourism.
There are 748 biosphere reserves in 131 countries, including 23 transboundary sites. Myanmar has 59 nature reserves, wildlife sanctuaries, national parks and botanical gardens, and eight ASEAN heritage sites listed. Htamanthi Wildlife Sanctuary was recognized as an ASEAN heritage park on 8 October 2019. The camera traps captured 25 species, including Indian (or Bengal) tigers. — Nyein Thu (MNA)/KTZH

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