Captain Daw Aye Thinza Kyaw from Tatmadaw Information Team clarifies accusations by some media destroying the nation related to some dead and wounded service personnel from the Correctional Department and innocent civilian people at mine blasts in Insein Central Jail in Insein Township of Yangon Region

Q: I have heard about an incident of blast at the Insein Jail. The mine blast left some service personnel wounded and dead whereas some civilian people were dead. Some media described that civilian people who came to meet with the prisoners were dead in shooting by security forces. So, tell me the real situation related to the case, please.

A: Mine blasts happened at the site where outsiders are allowed to meet with prisoners at the Insein Central Jail. In the incident, three service personnel and five civilian people including children were dead and five service personnel and 13 civilian people were wounded. Some media on the blacklist spread false news after the mine blast that the people were shot dead by security forces. In this regard, the forensic solution mentioned no service personnel were dead with wounds from the shots of small arms, and they were dead in mine blasts due to wounds of splinters. It is the first point.
The second point is that, the distance between the place of mine blasts and the position taken by the security forces is impossible for shooting the targets. As the blast happened inside the building, and it is out of sight of security forces and even if they shot, it is impossible to reach the target. It is the second point.
According to the two points, if you review the forensic answers over the dead persons and positions taken by the security forces, it can be seen that these media mentioned on the black list and some media destroying the nation just accused security forces of the case. — MNA

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