Carry on reform process without bias


Today’s new one will be tomorrow’s old one. Tomorrow’s new one would be old the other day. It is a universal truth that is also mentioned in the Buddhist literature preached by the Lord Buddha more than 2,560 years ago.
Nobody should hug anything for a long time. If a person hugs an object seemed like a new one, the person deceives himself to see the object as a new one but it would really be an old one because of timeframe. As such, anything cannot exist as a new one for a long time. Everybody needs to accept it.
Hence, all the persons from the society need to consider how to reform the old ones to be new ones. They all need to seek the best way for the reform process which must be done in the secular world. Indeed, it is not the attachment to the new one as well as the old one. They all should accept a concept to improve the old ones to be useful like a new one for the society. Nobody should hug any situation forever.
The word ‘reform’ is crucial in society. It is beneficial to the modernity of society. Every society is formed with various tangible and intangible things. The new one would become the old one. Then, it would gradually change to the rare one and the ancient one. Various tangible and intangible things which could be beneficial to society would exist for a long time. It will be recorded in history.
That is why the reform process is acceptable for all. The useful old one should be reformed to be a new one as well as still a useful one. The good things appropriate for society should be reformed to be better things in the future. If so, society will always be fresh, modern, active and developed thanks to the reform process.
Surely, the reform process would leave useless ones, unbeneficial ones, unnecessary ones and inappropriate ones. Truly, the reform process is to choose the best and selected ones for the future days. These selected ones would conform with forthcoming events of coming days. Practically, those who faced loss in the reform process would not be satisfied with the progress of the reform process. Hence, the society members will face challenges in the reform process with opposing those holding different opinions.

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