Chicken prices climb to K12,000-K14,000 per viss

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A picture shows a chicken seller in the market of a ward in Yangon city.

The prices of chicken surged to K12,000-K14,000 per viss in the domestic markets from early November following the increase in the prices of feedstuff and baby chicks, said a seller.
“The chicken depot raised the price to K11,000 per viss on account of rise in feedstuff price. We have to add K1,500-K2,000 per viss for transportation and profit. The demand is low. Earlier, a chicken breast was priced at K3,000. Now, we can sell them by measuring the weight by scales,” Ma Kay Thi, a chicken seller from South Okkalapa Township, told the Global New Light of Myanmar (GNLM).
The rocketing prices are attributed to the high feedstuff cost, strong baby chick price and power cut problem, farm owners stressed.
From August, the prices of chicken in the farm were around K5,900-K6,000 per viss. Tracking the Kyat depreciation in the forex market, the feedstuff price doubled. Since early November, the prices of CP chicken have increased to K8,900-K9,500 per viss in the farms. The price continued to rise to K13,000-K14,000 per viss.
“The consumers hesitate to buy them due to the high price. The demand is pretty low. We can give a decent portion of a chicken for K3,000. Now, all we can provide is just a bone and only a small quantity,” said Ma Ohnma, a seller.
The CP chicken prices stand at K12,000-K14,000 per viss in the retail markets, while local chicken was priced at K11,000-K12,000 per viss.
“Power cut results in extra cost as the poultry chickens are given warmth by running a generator in the farm amid the increase in feedstuff and chick prices. Electric outage problem forced some farms to shut down the operations amid the high fuel oil prices,” the GNLM quoted a poultry farm owner Ko Win Aung, as saying.—TWA/GNLM

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