Chilli pepper price soars to K23,000 per viss

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Chilli peppers are seen being put into a sack to be delivered to Yangon markets.

The price of chilli pepper is the highest among kitchen dry groceries in 2022, Ko Hla Han, an owner of a chilli pepper depot, told the Global New Light of Myanmar.
In early October, there was a weak demand in Yangon’s fresh chilli market when the chilli pepper depot set the price high. In mid-October, the price rose again and jumped to K23,000 per viss (a viss equals 1.6 kilogrammes) in the wholesale market, he added.
On 19 October, the prices moved in the range between K14,500 and 23,000 per viss depending on different varieties (bell pepper, Shankyun, and Moehtaung chilli pepper varieties).
In early September, the prices of long chilli peppers processed in cold storage declined to K14,000-16,000 per viss. The prices increased to K19,000-19,500 per viss in mid-September and 19 October.
The strong demand by Thailand when Myanmar’s output of fresh chilli pepper declined pushed up the price rise. On 13 September, the prices of bell pepper ranged between K17,500-19,500 per viss depending on different varieties. On 19 October, the prices rose to K20,000-23,000 per viss respectively. This year, the prices of chilli peppers stayed elevated. Those growers who cultivated chilli peppers in the second half of the year fetched a handsome price. Especially the dealers who keep them in their hands are prospering. — TWA/GNLM

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