China gives Myanmar import items in Kyalgaung go-ahead

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China has closed down the border posts (Kyinsankyawt, Wanting) from 8 July following the COVID-19 cases in Myanmar.

China will give the green light to the items left to be imported into Myanmar from Kyalgaung, China, according to the Muse-Namkham Border Trade Chamber of Commerce.
Under the instruction of the chairman of Muse District Administration Body and director of the Trade Department, the items stockpiled at the warehouses and posts Kyalgaung, China will be permitted for importation into Myanmar soon, in line with the standard operating procedures.
“The imports and consumer goods of Myanmar people in Kyalgaung, which is next to Muse border post, will be permitted to convey in the coming days until October-end. The new city project is likely to be implemented in Kyalgaung. The import items to be delivered weigh about 700 trucks load. Myanmar trucks can be permitted to enter Kyalgaung warehouses under the driver substitution system,” U Sai Khin Maung, the executive of the Chamber.
Therefore, the traders and drivers need to prepare for the importation matters. Only the empty trucks will be allowed to enter Kyalgaung from Muse, according to the notification released by the Chamber on 3 October.
China has closed down the border posts (Kyinsankyawt, Wamting) from 8 July following the COVID-19 cases in Myanmar.
On 30 March, Man Wein, which is a major border crossing between Muse and Kyalgaung areas, was suspended owing to the COVID-19 cases. On 1 April, Nantaw and Sinphyu border posts were suspended operations. As a result of this, the border trade between Myanmar and China was completely halted.
The closure of the Sino-Myanmar border trade resulted in job loss of about 400,000-600,000 workers engaged in the Muse border post. Furthermore, the short-haul trucks from Muse to China were also affected by this consequence. Additionally, traders from Muse border post were also battered by trade suspension, stopping the tax revenue. — NN/GNLM

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