China lifts ban on medical inspection and disinfection at Lweje

At the Lweje checkpoint in China’s border, all medical inspection and disinfection have been abolished, border traders said.
According to statements from the Chinese side, due to the cancellation of the ban, trucks entering China will no longer need to be sprayed with disinfectants; drivers need not to wait 12 hours for disinfection after spraying; there will no longer be a need to present proof of entry when entering checkpoints, and they don’t need to give the list of exported goods in advance.
At present, only the Lweje border is in operation, and trading will likely be allowed on all China-Myanmar land borders soon. Merchants said that such operations at the Muse border (105th-Mile) which has the largest number of trucks in Myanmar are likely to be cancelled soon.
Currently, China is gradually removing all the restrictions related to the prevention of Covid-19, and traders and farmers are hoping to reach the situation before the Covid-19 period. — TPT/GNLM

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