Stickers bearing “Passengers will not be allowed to ride without CSC” distributed at coach stations

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According to the instructions of the Yangon Region Private Transport Supervisory Committee (YRTC), stickers bearing “Passengers will not be allowed to ride without citizenship scrutiny card” were distributed to bus lines in Aung Mingala and Hlinethaya coach stations.
According to this directive, highway bus passengers must show their citizenship scrutiny cards when they purchase a ticket.
In addition, YRTC is checking the passenger’s information from the bus line terminals every week, and action will be taken if the bus lines fail to abide by the rules.
Authorities have given instruction not to allow the purchase of tickets by showing such identity cards as student cards, driver’s licences and employee cards and bus stations must not sell tickets to them without CSC. If it is found out for the first time that the bus lines do not observe the rules, they will be given a warning, for the second time they will be suspended for three or six months, and for the third time, they will be closed down forever. —TWA/KZW

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