China tightens border security amid coronavirus resurgence


“China has stepped up food safety measures on imported goods following the coronavirus resurgence in the border,” U Min Thein, the vice-chair of Muse Rice Wholesale Centre, said.
Starting from 20 April, 30 samples from imported goods and packaging per truck have to be tested for the COVID-19. The test costs 60 Yuan per sample, totalling 1,800 Yuan per truck, the COVID-19 prevention and containment commission of Yunnan province released the notification on 19 April.
Traders must bear the cost. Only those traders and packaging tested negative will be allowed for cross-border trade.
The COVID-19 test is mandatory for all those truck drivers, brokers and workers who are executing the cross-border trade between Myanmar and China every day. The test is estimated at 60 Yuan for a person.
“The traders, goods and packaging are to be daily tested for the COVID-19. Consequently, the traders are facing an extra burden of expense (K400,000-500,000) per truck for now. They have to wait for another day for the test result, causing a delay in trading and discomfort for the drivers. The extra expense significantly hurts the trading to a large extent”, said U Min Thein.
Additionally, the workers must strictly abide by the coronavirus containment measures to return to work.
The fever test, wearing masks and gloves, and test results are essential.
The staff and workers in the border point must stay at the designated place between 9 pm and 8 am. If they are found to violate the rules, they will be sent to their hometown.
Following the coronavirus resurgences, Myanmar’s Muse border trade has come to the verge of a standstill. — NN/GNLM

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