Chinese Minister Counsellor praises Myanmar’s continued practice of one-China policy

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Officials and the Chinese Minister Counsellor seen posing for the documentary photo at the 16 May event.

Minister Counsellor Dr Zheng Zhihong of the Chinese Embassy in Myanmar expressed the Chinese government’s appreciation for Myanmar’s continued practice of the one-China policy at an event on 16 May, where the Myanmar-China Friendship Association and the Minister Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in Myanmar met to discuss the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Myanmar as well as the history of friendly relations between the two countries, according to the Chinese Embassy in Yangon.
At the event, Dr Zheng Zhihong emphasized that the issue of Chinese Taipei is China’s most important interest, explaining that the situation in the Chinese-Taipei Strait remains tense because the authorities of the Democratic Progressive Party in Chinese Taipei, with the support of certain elements in the United States, are attempting to declare independence to enable the US to control China via Chinese Taipei.
The Minister Counsellor emphasized that the one-China policy serves as the political foundation for China to establish and foster diplomatic relations with various countries worldwide, including Myanmar, which stands as a widely acknowledged fundamental principle of international relations and enjoys the general agreement of the global community. He also expressed his belief that Myanmar will continue to uphold the one-China policy, fostering deeper bonds of kinship and friendship between the two nations, thereby enhancing friendly relations between China and Myanmar.
Myanmar-China Friendship Association Chair U Tin Oo stated that Myanmar has consistently supported the one-China policy and has reiterated its support for China on numerous occasions. The establishment of diplomatic relations between Myanmar and China is founded on mutual respect for sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity. He also emphasized that this year marks the 70th anniversary of the publication of the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence jointly proposed by Myanmar and China, calling for the promotion of the spirit of these principles. He reiterated Myanmar’s commitment to upholding the one-China policy.
On the same day, a representative from the Information and Public Relations Department of the Chinese Embassy met Myanmar media representatives to express the original purpose of establishing diplomatic relations between the two countries and to clarify China’s position regarding the Chinese Taipei issue.
Myanmar media representatives also showed their firm support for the one-China policy. They expressed their desire to accurately convey the situation regarding the Chinese Taipei issue to the people of Myanmar.
Journalists from Xinhua and the People’s Daily news agencies based in Myanmar also attended the meeting. — ASH/TH

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