Chongqing-Lincang-Myanmar first freight train leaves Chongqing for Myanmar

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The Chongqing-Lincang-Myanmar first freight train.

The train on the Sino-Myanmar route (Chongqing-Lincang-Myanmar) International Railway departed from the Chongqing port of Yueqing station in Chongqing on 23 May to Myanmar carrying 60 standard containers including heavy machinery, equipment, electronic accessories, and car and motorcycle spare parts, according to the Chinese Embassy to Myanmar.
The products carried by train will arrive in Mandalay by truck in the second week of June.
The freight will arrive in Mandalay 15 days later through the Lincang border checkpoint in Yunnan Province like a joint road and rail transport.
The shipping time between Chongqing and Myanmar will be 20 days shorter than the traditional method, which will reduce the capital flow of goods by 20 per cent.
The international freight train is the very first combined railway-road route between Myanmar and Chongqing in China. The solar-related materials and other things will be transported from Chongqing to Lincang by train and from Chinshwehaw to Mandalay by truck.
The route will be a new economic corridor for promoting bilateral trade between Myanmar and China.
After implementing the railway express, it can apply to the Customs Department and the Customs statement, inspection, inventory of transports and permit can be done in one place. It does not need to do gate entrance procedures again and can pass directly and that can save 24 hours of gate passing time. The travel time will be lower than one to two days and save more than 200 yuan per container. The express leads to Laos, Thailand, Malaysia and Myanmar and expands to Central Eurasia regions.
The express operated from China to Laos 54 times between January and April transporting 1,422 containers and 250-million-yuan worth of products. — TWA/GNLM

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