Choose dignified livelihoods for own and new generations

Every developing country is to manage trade as well as investments for its standing. To operate these sectors, most developing countries are seeking ways of borrowing loans from other countries and international financial institutions.
Currently, some countries are facing a downtrend in the State economy due to a lack of capability to improve the State economy by spending foreign loans. In this regard, Myanmar pays back not only the loans for development measures but all foreign loans as much as possible.
The State Administration Council is striving for minimizing foreign loans during its tenure. In so doing, efforts are being made to earn incomes of foreign exchange from export products made of agricultural and livestock materials and underground and aboveground natural resources.
The government allows businesspersons to extract natural resources from aboveground and underground under the rules and regulations for selling products at home and abroad. Whenever businesspersons sell out the products of natural resources, the government can earn income through taxation in various ways.
But, illegal trade of natural resources causes a great loss of levying taxes for earning revenues of the State. As such, the Anti-Illegal Trade Steering Committee was formed for taking preventive measures against illegal trade on various commodities. So, relevant inspection task forces seize a large volume of illegal commodities on a daily basis so as to bar loss of income for the State.
Extraction of natural resources will cause difficulties in the future because such acts will happen deterioration and degradation of the environment, climate change and deforestation. The environmental degradation will affect people from these areas, leaving a devil legacy to new generations who will miss the chance to do livelihoods such as agriculture and livestock measures relying on the environment.
As such, people from all corners need to engage in non-environmental-affected businesses such as agriculture and livestock sectors which cannot harm the environment as well as help conserve the environment. In fact, environmental conservation is a universal award for the global people to enjoy the fruits of nature. Only when environmental development gains momentum will local people have development of livelihoods.
As such, local people from all parts of the nation should not do everything beyond environmental limits. Their livelihoods must be done under the environmental conservation process. If so, their efforts will help raise the State economy and individual economy setting aside the illegal trade which breaks existing laws. Every honest livelihood is dignified. So, people have a chance to choose their livelihoods.

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