Combat corruption in society as a national duty

The problems of corruption happen as a disease of cancer across the world as well as in Myanmar. Its roots deeply penetrate various bodies and organizations in the least developed countries, developing countries and developed ones in addition to charity organizations, attempting to shake the society. Currently, corruption occurs in various sectors including the political arena.
The Anti-Corruption Commission was formed in Myanmar under the law in 2014. Till 2022, Myanmar could take action against 64 persons in the political arena, 35 high-ranking officials, 73 officers, 73 staff members, 19 public service personnel and 28 other persons, totalling 292. Taking action was based on taking and giving briberies by abusing the authority entrusted to relevant ranks of service personnel, offending the existing laws, rules and regulations to lose money and materials of the State and harming the interests of the people.
Currently, efforts are being made to emerge a clean government and good governance for overcoming the challenges of corruption. Hence, it is necessary to remove corruption. Corruption free is crucial for the improvement of the administration, judicial, political, economic and social sectors of the State.
Myanmar is implementing the edutainment programme on the practice of righteousness for anti-corruption at schools and universities. It aims to organize a new generation of youths for keeping hatred of corruption in their minds. So, the Anti-Corruption Commission of Myanmar is striving for combatting corruption across the nation to build prosperous lives for the people as its vision. As such, all the people need to join hands with the commission in fighting against corruption cases without any exemption.
Surely, corruption cases in various arenas can bring bad impacts and terrible losses to society. Corrupt acts of anyone can destroy good opportunities for other people. People need to uphold the concept that everybody should change their mindsets to combat the willingness of corruption in their minds.
The Anti-Corruption Commission of Myanmar arranges a feedback programme through the 1111 SMS service to pick out the replies from the people over the questions raised by the commission. Only when people give transparent feedback based on their attitudes towards the anti-corruption can the weak points of relevant departments and organizations be addressed to improve society.
That is why all the people should accept the concept that they have to combat corruption for the emergence of a clean government and good governance systems and ensure enhancement of prestige and responsibility in public administration measures to build a peaceful and prosperous nation for the new generations.

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