Commercial farms of Panamei white shrimp set to develop in Bokpyin District, Taninthayi Region

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Processing workplace of quality Panamei white shrimps being packed to export to China and Japan.  Photo: Kanu

Manager of Pyae Phyo Tun Panamei white shrimp farming company from Taninthayi Region U Moe Kyaw Han reported that the commercially produced Panamei white shrimp, which is one of the major aquatic products of the region, will be expanded farming in Bokpyin District in addition to the significant farming plots in Kawthoung District, Myeik District, and Dawei District.
“Panamei white shrimps are primarily produced in Myeik District in Taninthayi Region. At the time, the target is to expand farming in the Bokpyin District. Three companies are running the Panamei white shrimp farms in Myeik Township in Myeik District. Two more companies in Kyunsu Township and another two companies in Bokpyin will also be operating it. These companies are projected to commence farming this financial year,” U Moe Kyaw Han said.
Since Myanmar exports this type of shrimp to the external market, the report says that the canned Panamei white shrimps are mostly shipped to China, whereas to Japan, the farmed Panamei white shrimps are sent in container shipment by cold chain.
U Moe Kyaw Han added, “Major external markets of Myanmar are China and Japan. We will seek to expand the market into European countries and Thailand later. We are trying to meet the criteria demanded by China and Japan for exporting Panamei white shrimp.”
The Panamei white shrimps were farmed in the Myeik Archipelago, commencing in 2018. Furthermore, Myanmar’s clean and fresh marine environment favours the successful breeding of shrimp there.
The fishery business entrepreneurs are keen to increase Panamei white shrimp farming upon getting global market shares to a certain extent. Additionally, the deep sea fishers prefer commercial farming of Panamei white shrimp rather than fishing marine life in the deep sea territory since the farmed Panamei white shrimps are potentially profitable after three months of breeding. — ASH/ TMT

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