Companies to submit proposals to leading committee for manufacturing EV chargers, auto parts

Electric vehicles are being imported into the country and the companies that are willing to manufacture electric vehicles and related auto parts under the SKD system must submit proposals to the leading committee on the development of electric vehicles and related business.
The leading committee is supervising to invite foreign investments in the EV manufacturing sector locally and is carrying out human resource and research development activities.
The leading committee has offered a tax relief scheme to EVs and related businesses. At present, battery electric vehicles are allowed to import during the initial phase.
Battery electric vehicles (BEVs) are entitled to zero-Customs tariff status under the approval of the Union Government, according to the Myanma Customs’ statistics 2022.
The companies need to submit proposals to the leading committee first to import the EVs, chargers and auto parts, mentioning the detailed plans such as types of business, investment type, vehicle type, strong relationship with the vehicle manufacturer and future plan, specification, standard and norms, after-sales service, Level 3 or Level 2 charger plans for the public.
The leading committee will screen the proposals and under their approval of them, and the Ministry of Commerce will issue import licences to the approved companies. — TWA/EM

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