Confiscated illegal items: Timbers, industrial goods, consumer goods and vehicles

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Confiscated illegal items and a vehicle in Mandalay Region.

The combined teams managed by the Mon State Illegal Trade Eradication Task Force nabbed 3.596 tonnes of illegal timbers (estimated value of K125,860) near the detour to in Kengtung on 5 January and they took actions for this.
Besides, the combined teams managed by the Bago Region Illegal Trade Eradication Task Force investigated 80 packages of 100 per cent Polyester Woven Fabric without any legal documents and other three kinds of goods (estimated value of K11 million) and one Mitsubishi Fuso (estimated value of K20 million) that carried the mentioned illegal goods from Myawady to Yangon at X-Ray tollgate with the law of the customs. And, they also nabbed 3.297 tonnes of illegal timbers, 3.882 tonnes of hardwood and 4.252 tonnes of other types of wood (estimated value of K3.7 million) under the laws of the forest in the area of Nyaunglebin district and Pyay district.
Furthermore, the combined teams managed by the Mandalay Region Illegal Trade Eradication Task Force inspected and 1,350 hat caps and other seven kinds of consumer goods including 41,440 Thailand made soap boxes without official documents (estimated value of K42 million), one Nissan Diesel Truck, one Cheng Long Tractor Head and one following truck (estimated value of K112 million) that were driving to Mandalay and Yangon near the Myitnge bridge of the entrance of the Mandalay city and the action was conducted under customs procedures.
During the period on 5 and 6 January, totally estimated value of K189 million worth of illegal goods were seized in eight cases, according to the Illegal Trade Eradication Task Force Committee. The combined on-duty teams captured three vehicles (approximately worth K70 million), heading to Yangon from Kyaikkhami and to Yangon from Myawady, carrying nine kinds of goods valued at K33.95 million, including 360 bags of Nescafe and 80 sets of PSI digital satellite receiver without official documents, at the Nyaungkhashay X-ray station on 5 January. The action was taken under the Customs procedures.
On the same day, the joint team confiscated two vehicles (estimated value of K75 million), travelling to Mandalay from Mongla, carrying 82 kinds of goods worth K160.942 million, including 1,800 kilogammes of car parts (spring leaf) and 150 sets of wireless speakers near the Myitnge bridge on the outskirts of Mandalay, a Toyota Hiace mini bus (estimated value of K17 million), travelling from Thaton to Yangon, carrying 60 jerrycans of One-Shrimp brand palm oil (weighing 18-litre jerrycan each) worth K3 million without official documents at the Mayanchaung permanent checkpoint and an unregistered KENBO CZI motorbike (approximately worth K400,000) in Sagaing township. The action was taken under the Customs procedures and the Export and Import Law.
Fourteen arrests were made on 5 January, with an estimated value of K360.292 million, as reported by the Illegal Trade Eradication Steering Committee. — MNA/TRKM/MKKS

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