Construction of Shin Maha Ratthasara’s mausoleum nears to complete

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Shin Maha Ratthasara's mausoleum.

The construction of Shin Maha Ratthasara’s mausoleum, a prestigious classical poet in Ava era and a pioneer of Myanmar’s literature, is nearing completion.

Dr Than Min Htut, also known as Pindaya Mee Eain Shin wrote about it on his Facebook page.

With the public donation worth K23.6million, the restoration of the Ava-era classical poet’s mausoleum has been carried out and will soon be finished in a neat and tidy manner, he said.

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Shin Maha Ratthasara’s mausoleum.

“A family donated K1.5million for the ceiling of the mausoleum, dedicated to their parents. For marble flooring, Panthagu Sayadaw and his family donated K1million which is dedicated to  Daw Thu Khemar (head of Myintzu Thaka nunnery) who passed away on 1 May 2024,” he said.

When the ceiling and flooring are finished, the construction will be complete, he said. Kyat Thaye Kone in Pyay, where the mausoleum is located, is muddy when it rains, because of it, Dr Than Min Htut has invited donors to build a road there.

Sayadaw Shin Maha Ratthasara passed away in Pyay in the year of 892 Myanmar era at the age of 62.


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