Construction of trade zone/camp near border lines to meet international norms

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Deputy Minister for Planning and Finance U Maung Maung Win speaking at meeting of review committee on construction of trade zones and camps near border lines yesterday.

The second meeting of the Review Committee on Construction of Trade Zones and Camps near border lines in accordance with the international norms took place at the Ministry of Planning and Finance yesterday.
Deputy Minister for Planning and Finance U Maung Maung Win, in his capacity as Chairman of committee, said six major decisions were made at the first committee meeting.
The relevant region/state review committees and departments should prioritize the construction of trade zone/camp near the border lines considering whether the works are in conformity with the remarks and suggestions of the regions/states review committees and departments, requirements set by the current border inspection camps, further expansion of current camps, export/import volume of 2022-2023 financial year, border line measurement, estimated land areas and costs, construction of trade zone/camp of other country and current security measures.
He also added that the meeting outcomes of the relevant review committees will be analyzed and submitted to the illegal trade eradication steering committee.
He then called for the collaborative efforts for sector-wise discussions whether the construction of trade zone/camp are in conformity with the international norms/procedures and existing laws of the country, procedures of relevant departments and organizations and whether the measures are effective for illegal trade eradication process.
The deputy minister concluded the meeting after hearing the reports of vice-chair and members of committee. — MNA/KTZH

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