Cooking oil, chilli, onion, potato, Kyukok garlic lead to downturn in price

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Shoppers are seen buying foodstuffs at the grocery.

Most of the commodity prices were on the rise starting mid-2022 and some products reached unexpected prices.
However, the sales were slack by the end of November and the prices declined as the new crops entered the market.
In August, the palm oil price was K9,500 per viss and it was K5,700 per viss on 25 November, palm oil purchaser Ko Win Ko told the Global New Light of Myanmar (GNLM).
Similarly, the price of peanut oil declined in August and was only K9000-9500 per viss in November, according to the market status of Monywa.
The sales of chilli with the highest prices in mid-2022 were slack in November and the prices of Moe Htaung and long chilli also declined, according to the Seinpanlan chilli wholesale centre.
The prices of Myitwa chilli from cold storage and Sinphyukyun chilli at about K10000 per viss in 2022 compared to the same period of previous years hit a record high in the mid-term of this year and it is now K31000 per viss.
The Moe Htaung chilli pepper was priced at K16,000-K17,000 per viss in September and now K14,000-K15,000 per viss as the Yamethin, Natmauk, Pyawbwe and Shan chilli pepper emerged. The Moe Htaung Naut Thee was only K12500 per viss.
On 25 October, the new Shan long chilli was priced at K17,500 per viss and it is now K15,500 per viss by the end of this month.
The wholesale price of Zee chilli was K23,000 per viss previously and is now only K19,000. Thazi chilli pepper was priced at K22,200 per viss and now it declines to K21000 per viss.
The Shan Buu Soe chilli price reaches under K18,000 per viss from K21,000. The Panye and Hmyani long chilli prices remain unchanged at K22,000 per viss.
The potato prices also fall as large stocks of Chinese potatoes enter the Yangon market. On 24 November, 6,000 tonnes of the Shan potato entered the market while there were 102,000 tonnes of Chinese potatoes. The new Chinese potato was priced at K1,600 per viss and K2,200 per viss of the old Chinese potato.
On 15 November, the old Chinese potato was priced at K2,500-K2,550 while K1,900-K1,950-K2,000-K2,150 per viss of Shan Aungban potato. On 26 November, the Shan potato was K1,800-K1,800-K1,850. The Kyukok garlic (China) price is only K3,300 per viss now although its price rose to K5,000 on 1 September.
On 26 November, the Myingyan onion price was K4,300 per viss in the Yangon market while K4,400 per viss of Seikphyu onion, K4,100 per viss of new monsoon onion and K3,700 per viss of new Myingyan onion.
The new monsoon onion enters the Pakokku market daily and the price was K3,200 per viss on 26 November. It reached its highest price at K3,650 per viss on 21 November. In the Mandalay market, the new Myittha onion was K3,300-K3,400-K3,500-K3,600. The large-size Chinese onion was K2,500 per viss and K3,300 per viss of onions the same size as the Myittha onion.
The onion prices seem to drop significantly soon. Although the prices are high obviously, people have to buy at higher prices. However, people don’t know clearly about the accurate prices when it falls again. — TWA/GNLM

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