Coord meeting on precursor chemical smuggling interdiction and suppression plan held

The coordination meeting on precursor chemical smuggling interdiction and suppression between Laos, Myanmar and Thailand was held at the Heritage Pattaya Beach Resort in Thailand from 25 to 27 December.
The meeting was attended by the Laos delegation led by Secretary-General Mr Inpong Chanthavongsa from the Laos Commission on Drugs Control (LCDC), the Myanmar delegation led by Joint Secretary of the Central Committee on Drug Abuse Control and Commander of the Drug Enforcement Division Police Brig-Gen Win Naing and the Thailand delegation led by General-Secretary Mr Wichai Chaimongkon of the Office of the Narcotics Control Board (ONCB).
Secretary-General Mr Wichai Chaimongkon of ONCB said that the meeting was conducted under the Plan of Safe Mekong Operation Project (2019-2022) to prevent the entry of chemicals into drug production areas in the Golden Triangle and discussed the joint control and elimination of precursor chemicals according to relevant countries and future programmes.
In addition, Secretary-General Mr Wichai Chaimongkon said Thailand is carrying out the control of sodium cyanide, benzyl cyanide and benzyl chloride and plans to control hydroxylamine again this year and to implement effective ways to control narcotic drugs.
Police Brig-Gen Win Naing said the anti-narcotics activities have been very successful due to the close cooperation of the three countries (Lao-Myanmar-Thailand) but there is no decline in drug production and trafficking in the Golden Triangle, that Myanmar is ready to cooperate with neighbouring countries in the illegal importation of chemical substances used in the production of narcotic drugs. He also emphasized the importance of prevention and control of chemical substances by the respective countries for the prevention of man-made drug production and more cooperation of Laos, Myanmar and Thailand for the prevention of illegal trafficking of precursor chemicals and seizures.
The meeting also focused on access to funding and equipment support from the international narcotics control boards including UNODC in the annual destruction of seized precursor chemicals by the respective countries for the safety of the public’s health and the environment, compiling the necessary data to be reported to the CND, information exchange, conducting training by ONCB of Thailand to the anti-narcotic force from Laos and Myanmar and closer cooperation in the control of narcotic drugs by Laos, Myanmar and Thailand to reduce trading of narcotic drugs in Golden Triangle.—MNA/MKKS

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