Create best-performing works to win the hearts of audiences

Myanmar’s traditional fine arts have been based on sound foundations with full essence as their own cultural form. Some of the songs were born in Myanmar’s monarchical eras and some were among the farmers, specializing the songs illustrating crop planting, sounds of large drums as well as pounding paddy to be rice.
Various forms of traditional cultural performing arts are sweet music which wins the hearts of audiences, singing and dancing. Hence, it is necessary to preserve singing, dancing, playing music and composing songs for long-term existence. It is because these artistic performances depict the life and nature of ancient Myanmar people as well as current citizens.
In Myanmar’s cultural heritages, musical instruments are made of bronze wares, strings, leather, blowing and clapping of hands. These five kinds of basic instrumental forms create the masterpieces of performing arts in Myanmar history. It is visible that these artistic works preserve the prestige and integrity of the nation and nationals, cultural heritages and national characteristics. Hence, today all Myanmar citizens are responsible for preserving the cultural heritage of Myanmar and its national characteristics for long-term existence.
In fact, music and performing arts can lure the minds of audiences to handle how to do and what to do. The artistic works can give birth to the spirits of adoring the nation and the national. That is why all need to contribute to flourishing the performing arts as much as they can.
The 23rd Myanmar Traditional Cultural Performing Arts Competitions for 2022 will take place in Nay Pyi Taw in accord with the national objectives: (a) To uplift national prestige and integrity and to preserve the cultural heritage and national characteristics (b) To discover, preserve and uplift the traditional cultural heritage of performing arts of ethnic nationals and national cultural characteristics (c) To preserve traditional cultural performing arts in order to further revitalize adoration of the State and hand it down to new generation youths (d) To contribute much to the restoration of perpetual peace.
Only when various forms of Myanmar’s performing arts flourish will nationals have a wider knowledge of preventing the infiltration of alien cultures. But the people should not discard all forms of foreign culture. Performers need to seek the best things from foreign cultures appropriate for the nation and add them to the traditional culture as part of creating the best performing work. It will be beneficial for the nation and the nationals.

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