Create safe and secure workplaces for insured workers

The Social Security Board under the Ministry of Labour conducted four reforms namely Information Technological Reform, Medical Reform, Administrative Reform and Legal Reform to become a reliable service organization for insured workers, offer better healthcare, the main requirement of employers and employees and facilitate the fast flow of benefits.
The SSB is drafting a strategic plan under the Social Insurance system and providing 15 SSB benefits of two insurance systems out of six to the employees, the majority of who are working in the country’s manufacturing sector, using the SSB contributions of employer, employee and government under the 2012 Social Security Law for providing healthcare services and cash benefits for the insured workers.
The insured workers are a driving force to accelerate the productivity of relevant ministries. The SSB is responsible for fulfilling the needs of life safety for those workers. Consequently, they can focus on workplaces without the need to consider daily issues, especially the health problems of their families.
Currently, two mobile medical units of the Social Security Board are providing healthcare services at its affiliated ministries like the Ministry of Information, the Ministry of Electric Power and the Ministry of Immigration and Population as a gesture of hailing the Diamond Jubilee Independence Day.
Moreover, insured workers can get the benefits such as health treatment, maternity, funeral, temporary disability benefit, permanent disability benefit and survivors’ benefits for decease owing to occupation depending on the monthly SSB fees.
As an act of taking care of insured workers, the SSB implements the Social Security Project providing health care and benefits to 1.3 million insured workers in 116 townships at three workers’ hospitals, 99 SSB offices of regions/states/districts/townships, 96 township clinics, 57 departmental clinics, 12 free for services payment clinics with PPS system, 25 capitation payment clinics, eight obstetric clinics, one traditional medicinal clinics and also offering treatment with two mobile medical units, and a total of 89,949 insured workers get treatment at departments to date.
Workers are playing a key role in the manufacturing sector of the nation. Relevant workplaces need to turn out skilled workers to handle modern machinery. Reciprocally, workplace authorities and employers need to create chances for those workers to be able to enjoy social security in their lives. Hence, the government, the employers and the employees should implement the social security system in order to contribute to the insured workers pouring out their strengths in manufacturing at full capacity. If so, various kinds of SSB will be beneficial for the workers.

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