Daily export of goods transported to China with over 800 trucks via Kampaiti

Exports increased as demands from China climbed in the third week of January.

According to the person responsible for the Lweje border trade post of the Department of Trade under the Ministry of Commerce, U Myint Zaw Moe, the Myanmar-China border trade through Kampaiti in Kachin State transports export cargoes with over 800 trucks daily.
Exporting through the Lweje border trade post from Kachin State trends upward as demands from China on local products of Kachin State and commodities from other regions such as watermelon, mango, rice, chilli, onion, dried fish, and corn increase.
U Myint Zaw Moe said, “Export to China is the main business via the Lweje trade post. Over 800 trucks are running up and down between Lweje and China daily. Up to the second week of January, over 700 trucks were coming and going every day. Starting from the third week of January, daily operating trucks reached over 800 per day as demand increases.”
Tissue-cultured bananas, pigeon peas, red kidney beans, cashew, rice, sugarcane, rattan, rubber and butter beans are mainly exported through Lweje, while electronic devices, pharmaceutical products, vehicle-related products, and foodstuffs are imported. The Lweje border post is located 56 miles and four furlongs from Bhamo Township, Kachin State, and territorially connects with Laying village, Jingpo autonomous prefecture in Longchuan County of China. — ASH/TMT

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