Four Buddha images in Alodawpyae Pagoda calm visitors’ hearts

Visitors can pay homage to the four Buddha images and view the paintings about the Buddha interior wall of the Alodawpyae Pagoda of Bagan, NyaungU Township, Mandalay Region, according to the officials of the Department of Archeology and National Museum (Bagan Branch).
Alodawpyae Pagoda is located north of Anawrahta Road, the main road from NyaungU to Bagan.
The pagoda is a temple with its arch facing east, and visitors can enter from the east arch of the pagoda and see a sitting statue of the Buddha.
Inside the temple, there are mural paintings with inscriptions written in the ancient Mon language, and archaeologists believe that the architecture of the building can be related to late King Kyansittha era and the beginning of the reign of the King of Alaungsithu. Inside the temple, a Myanmar ink inscription dating back to 556 Myanmar Era can also be found on the wall.
On the interior of the temple, there are 28 Buddha images with various mudras and postures, as well as ancient Mon inscriptions.
Hteelominlo Pagoda and Shweleiktu Pagoda are located north of the Alodawpyae Pagoda while to the east is Shin Boh Mei brick monastery, Wuttanataw Cluster of Pagodas, to the south is Bueleithi Pagoda and to the west is Lawkahmankin Pagoda. — Depalin/KZL

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