Daily imports of anti-COVID-19 equipment, medical products continue

Myawady sskm 1
Anti-Covid devices are daily imported through land borders like Myawady (in picture).

The Ministry of Commerce is making efforts to ensure people have access to the essential medical supplies that are critical to the COVID-19 prevention, control and treatment activities, including liquid oxygen and oxygen cylinders, by arranging continuous importation through trading posts, international airport and seaports with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
On 7 October (yesterday), anti-COVID-19 equipment, medical products, including oxygen plants and concentrators, were imported by two companies using by two vehicles.
A total of 2,190 empty oxygen cylinders and two oxygen plants were imported via Chinshwehaw and Myawady trading posts, seaports and Yangon International Airport.
One oxygen plant was transported to Yangon and another one to Kyondoe, respectively.
Officials from the relevant departments are cooperating to facilitate and expedite the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), including online registration for the import process.
It is reported that the Ministry of Commerce is coordinating with relevant departments, treatment of COVID-19, as well as contact persons for inquiries can be reached through the Ministry’s Website — www.commerce.gov.mm. — MNA

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