Denmark to contribute K2 billion for Myanmar SMEs

A woman is pictured engaging in an SME relying on electricity.

Denmark has pledged to contribute K2 billion for Myanmar’s small and medium enterprises and the Responsible Business Fund (RBF) announced its sixth call for proposals by 9 January 2023.
RBF, the development assistance from Denmark, will provide funding for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to carry out renewable energy projects.
RBF aims to help support MSMEs that are grappling with power supply, high energy costs and a drop in production, and the families reliant on those businesses.
Denmark contributed K19.576 billion for 609 MSMEs across all regions and states in the past five years. This sixth call for proposals happened in November 2022, intending to cover at most K40 million (25 per cent of the total fund) for each project.
It encouraged the local MSMEs to implement innovative projects with the funds and increase the responsible behaviour of Myanmar enterprises.—TWA/EMM

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