DMH issues weather warnings for April and May

The Department of Meteorology and Hydrology has issued a warning regarding weather conditions expected during April and May. Caution is advised due to potential changes in weather patterns.
On 1 April, it was forecasted that daily temperatures may increase gradually, accompanied by strong winds and thermal clouds. These conditions may result in thunderstorms, lightning, and strong winds, particularly in areas where thermal clouds form. Additionally, hail and scattered thunderstorms are possible, with land and sea winds reaching speeds of 40 to 50 miles per hour during strong gusts.
The public, as well as operators of domestic flights and sea vessels, are urged to remain vigilant regarding these weather conditions.
In addition, several areas, including Chauk, Zaungtuu, Yay, Maubin, Dawei, and Pyapon experienced new temperature records on 30 and 31 March. Chauk recorded the highest temperature of 45.2 degrees Celsius on 31 March, surpassing the previous record of 45.0 degrees Celsius. Zaungtuu reached a new high of 40.7 degrees Celsius on 31 March, while Yay recorded 39.5 degrees Celsius.
Furthermore, Maubin recorded a high of 40 degrees Celsius, and Dawei recorded 39.7 degrees Celsius on 30 March. Pyapon also experienced its highest temperature of 38.8 degrees Celsius. — TWA/TRKM

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