Don’t be careless of daily routines in hot summer

Summer in Myanmar is a very hot and dry season. During the three-month period of summer in Myanmar, the period from the third week of April to the second week of May is the very hottest. Hence, people should take shelter and follow the instructions issued by the Ministry of Health.
In the hot season, everybody needs to stably work daily routines without hesitation, hostility and anger. They have to control their minds to be calmed down. If not, they will face running out of energy from their bodies with exhaustion and hypertension. They should drink water adequately. They have to take care of their body natures. If they suffer from dehydration, they have to drink any solution or rehydrated salt solution to recover in time. Moreover, they can eat fleshy fruits as well as seasonal fruits to fill hydration in the body.
If possible, people especially student youths may take relaxation under the shade of trees and buildings during the holidays while reading. If not, they may take a rest at the parks and religious edifices so as to calm down their minds.
In addition, they have to take care of dressing themselves. Their clothes must be in conformity with the hot season. Their clothes should be made of cotton in white colour. These must be thin and wide. Windows of buildings and houses should be opened for proper ventilation. They should not go out at the hottest time. If necessary, they should take any covers such as umbrellas and hats. Especially, they should avoid the situation in which the sunray can fall on their heads. But they should not take a bath during the hottest time from noon to about 4.30 pm on a daily basis.
Everybody needs to listen to the weather forecasts officially released by relevant departments on the radio or watch them on TV. It is because the bad impacts of El Nino, La Nina and global warming affect all parts of the world as well as the global people. Consequently, these effects will be transformed into natural disasters unexpectedly. Only when people know information about natural disasters can they make necessary preparations.
Currently, Myanmar is suffering from the impacts of the hot season. Hence, Myanmar people need to take care of the points on dos and don’ts in the best living process in summer. If they do anything by applying their experiences and knowledge, they can do daily routines safely with free from dangers and losses.

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