Don’t be proud but be open-minded

Proudness is not useful in relations among the people of the society but the open-minded act can create amicability among the people. It can be said that society can be decorated with people with open-minded activities without proudness.
Actually, the proudness is a hindrance to friendly relations and the restoration of a peaceful situation among the people. Only when all the people need to remove selfishness from their souls can they discard proudness. It is because every malpractice not useful in society is based on selfishness. In this case, proudness is also based on selfishness to step up all things to influence others.
Naturally, human beings wish to show off their assets as an act of proudness how to dominate others and how to deceive others into securing the highest positions in society. Some persons one-sidedly see other persons as their opponents in all aspects because of upholding jealousy. They never conceal their envy of other people. To be able to overcome such kinds of malpractices, they have to show off their proudness.
Nonetheless, everybody knows what is right and what is wrong. So, they also know proudness, envy as well as jealousy are wrong in society and not useful in relations with counterparts. These acts never bring advantages to those persons in individuals as well as to society. Hence, everybody needs to discard proudness, selfishness, envy and jealousy from their souls.
But everybody should not keep their soul empty. They have to forge open-minded souls. They have to open their hearts to accept and allow infiltration or penetration of any good deeds. They should use the blood from their hearts to refresh these good deeds to be invested in society. It can be said that those with open-minded souls are always willing to invest their lives in the welfare of society. If so, it is not actually amazing that their minds are deserved to accept the applause of the Universe.
In society, everybody wishes to win applause for their success and good deeds. In this regard, they have to apply the best ways to shape themselves with open-minded activities. They have to exercise the acts to be free from jealousy and selfishness based on proudness. If so, they will be in a position to be ready to accept and allow applause of all. Consequently, they will be useful for society. Let’s discard proudness but forge open-minded moves!

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