Don’t bring pessimism, jealousy and selfishness to societies and workplaces

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The photo depicts unity as strength in a workplace without pessimism, jealousy, and opposing views. PHOTO: Freepik

W hen I was young age, a mentor gave me advice not to easily give up on any issues, using a quote that a winner never quits, but a quitter never wins. Coincidentally, at a time when he advised me, I was downhearted about some problems. Due to his advice, I rebuilt myself to carry on all processes successfully.
I think a large number of people have had to solve similar problems to the ones I have faced. In this case, the problems may not have coincided with each other. I mean, many people may face complicated and confusing issues in their lifespans. Most of them might solve and overcome such challenges. But no one scolds them whether they could solve these problems or not. Actually, we, individually, keep our endeavours of solving the problems in our minds as records. It is a root cause of polishing our prestige. It is an actual duty of humans. In summary, no one should quit any issues, and they have to try hard to overcome challenges as much as they can. Similar problems can be seen not only in the societies but in the workplaces. As such, those who face these problems should proceed to the end of the process, but they should not have to grasp the reasons.

Seek ways how to overcome the challenges
Not only females but also males have to uplift their capacity to be able to seek ways how to overcome the challenges. If they do not have adequate capacity, it will be hard to solve the problems. If so, they will be downhearted to overcome the challenges. That is why anyone should never consider how to give up on these issues. Actually, they have to try hard to accomplish the missions with efforts to seek potential ways for successfully implementing the process of these missions. Hence, all humans have to march towards their relevant goals by shaping their ambitions. Such a kind of human can take a seat in society as part of honouring their vigorous efforts in the work process, and it is certain that relevant workplaces or societies always welcome them. However, some people, as a minority of society, never try to overcome challenges by showing different forms of reasons why they cannot overcome these issues. So, the society does not have any seats for those persons.
Nature of societies
Naturally, all societies are formed with courageous persons and fainthearted persons. It is certain that the whole world is blessed with living and non-living things of different types. Some of these are different from attitudes and preferences between all things like white and black, good and bad, large and small, bright and dim and so on. Society allows those fainthearted persons but does not give a seat to them in keeping abreast of the courageous persons. It is because those courageous persons dare to do all good things and actions beneficial for society as well as themselves. Whenever they do all things or serve all assigned duties, they can do to accomplish these things without showing any reasons. Generally, they are ashamed to show reasons for working on everything. It is because they know everything will have challenges naturally, and overcoming these challenges does not need to show any reasons.

Those who show many types of reasons
Reversely, the fainthearted persons often show many types of reasons for serving the assignments. Whenever they do everything three times, before, during and after, even though they can accomplish the assigned missions, they show a lot of reasons. Actually, they do not have a concept that when they do something, others will also be doing other things. However, fainthearted persons think they are always serving heavy duties and assignments without fairness management of superiors due to bias. They seem only to be serving heavy workloads and are tired, and the superiors pile these duties on them only without empathy. They think other persons are not assigned to serve heavy duties, but those other persons are serving just light work and have much spare time. The fainthearted persons seem that when they are hardly able to serve duties, some others are enjoying the favours of superiors in workplaces or societies. In fact, such a thought is based on jealousy and a mindset based on shirking responsibility.

Set aside pessimism and jealousy
Practically, when those awkward persons do not achieve success or successfully accomplish missions, they put the blame on others, but they never analyze their weaknesses in all processes. Upholding the negative views and pessimism, they always keep their actions under the cover of reason. Even though they accomplished the missions, their projects will not be totally completed because their focus cannot be fully put on the work process. But they do not actually understand that their jealousy and pessimism have become hindrances to their progress in all aspects. Those who comprehensively supervise all types of workplaces know all situations and all actions of participants in addition to their qualifications and work capabilities. In any society, qualified, responsible persons at management levels can assess the physical and mental performances and attitudes of subordinates. They really know the workable levels of subordinates and their mental and physical situations as well, and they know how to improve the qualifications of subordinates. However, some subordinates do not accept the enhancement of their capacity due to firmly upholding pessimism for many reasons. If so, it is regrettable that they shall be set aside or they themselves shall be set aside the societies or workplaces.
Whatever it may be, all responsible persons and friends will give chances to those fainthearted persons to be able to address themselves whenever they still join the relevant societies or workplaces. Suppose those awkward persons link out the connection with all and remove offers of friends. In that case, all participants from the institutions and workplaces will no longer have responsibilities for looking after the awkward persons and will sorrowfully wave to them.

To avoid unacceptable situations
Everybody wishes to avoid unacceptable, undesirable and unnecessary situations. Nobody wishes to encounter difficulties and hardships, but they all are naturally overcoming challenges on a daily basis. To do so, it is not necessary to show reasons. To have a wider margin, some people show reasons and refuse their weaknesses even though they are making mistakes. They think they are always doing the right things. Even when they make mistakes, they have many reasons to defend themselves from the root causes of errors, and they show their acts without any mistakes to everyone. Despite knowing their mistakes and weaknesses, they never accept them, and they always hide these acts.
In fact, actions of pessimism, jealousy and selfishness actually harm the unity of societies and workplaces, sparking hostility and conflicts. Moreover, these acts will be rooted in causing splits as well as secession. It can be seen that such actions of pessimism, jealousy and selfishness never bring good results to the societies and themselves. Despite knowing a saying goes: No pain, no gain, they have never accepted such a saying and exercised it. They never wish to suffer pain, but they always wish to enjoy gain. Extremely, some fainthearted persons seem to be concerned with all fruitful results from hard work and work processes, although they do not deeply participate in efforts to overcome these challenges. They are eager to take all opportunities, but they do not dare to take risks in work processes. Such a mindset seems like committing a kidnapping to take extortion of money from hostages.

Great chance to show skills and talents
Careful working is a great chance for individuals to show off their skills and talents in the work process. If so, they can catch the attention of all for noticing their performance and workability. Even though they do not consider any advantages such as taking higher positions of ranks, getting greater opportunities in the work process, having authority in managing some projects and so on, they can enjoy the applause of audiences, encouragement of responsible persons and smiles of all. For them, the smile recognizing their talents and skills will be a considerable record in their lives. Conversely, careless activities in workplaces or societies reveal the actual behaviours of those careless persons without genuine goodwill over the work process. If so, any bosses can assess and compare the activities of subordinates and may decide how to recruit and nurture and how to pick out the outstanding persons. At that time, those who miss the chance to be exceptional persons may express their jealousy and malpractices. To avoid such an event, everybody needs to take care of working on any assignments with genuine goodwill as their own businesses.
Actually, I think those who consistently emphasize working processes with careful efforts do not have spare time to consider any thoughts except the development process of relevant societies or workplaces. Those who actually work do not accept wrongdoings and acts that may defame society or workplaces, and they do not have any hobbies that may derail from their ambitions or targets of the societies or workplaces. I think they do not have spare time for burdening jealousy and wrong thoughts.

To change the mindset
Everybody needs to address their weaknesses in all aspects in time for their interests as well as for the societies. They have to understand their changed mindsets, which will polish their images and that of their partners. If so, all participants of the society will have to feel peaceful. It is maybe a dream that all participants from the societies or workplaces must have equal capacity in implementing the projects, and they must be reliable for each other and have to lend a lending hand to each other. If so, these relevant societies or workplaces will grow up at the same time. They have to forget the ways of showing reasons in order to prevent scolding and blame in advance.
As such, individuals need to hold up a good concept and always apply a good and constructive idea in all aspects. They have to change their mindset in conformity with the relevant workplaces or societies, which are based on constructive attitudes. They always have to consider how to make sacrifices for all partners without the perception of taking any advantage of their performance. Setting aside malpractice and bad manners such as jealousy, acts of showing reason, and careless activities, all workable adults have to culture a positive attitude on how to improve the workplaces or societies for the sake of all partners. In cementing fraternity among the participants of the societies, everybody needs to recognize the gratitude of others and forget their own contributions. It means they all have to give priority to others except themselves. If so, societies or workplaces will be prospered forever.

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