Don’t forget usefulness of cotton suitable for Myanmar people

Agriculturists who are taking a leading role in the share of techniques in the agricultural sector need to produce agricultural products based on results of research works by assessing the market demand, but the researches should be actually beneficial to the farmers.
Those agriculturists and researchers should research on a wider scale in order to release the outcomes to be applied in overcoming the difficulties the farmers face.
Shwedaung farm in Wundwin and Lunkyaw farm in Kyaukse focuses on research and technical development in the cultivation of cotton crop to improve its quality and high yield, produce quality seeds and seek advanced agricultural techniques.
On a recent inspection tour of the aforesaid two research farms, the Union Minister for Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation urged officials of the State-own and private farms to produce quality cotton seeds. Moreover, he noted that groups of seed producer farmers should carry out the production of seeds on a commercial scale.

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Shwetaung farm and Lunkyaw farm are shouldering the primary duty of producing seeds of Ngwechi-6, Ngwechi-9, Ngwechi-11, Shwetaung-8 and Shwetaung-10 cotton strains to meet the demand of local cotton growers. On the other hand, the two farms focus on conducting research on various species of cotton crops, agricultural technologies, plant nutrition, pest research and economic effectiveness.
Dry zones are the favourite area of cotton plantations. So, Mandalay Region gives 350 acres of cotton special zones with 50 acres in Meiktila Township, 100 acres in Wundwin Township and 100 acres each in Yamethin and Pyawbwe townships. Shwedaung-8 and Shwedaung-10 cotton strains are thriving in those townships.
In addition, farmers cultivate various strains of cotton crops on more than 390,000 acres of croplands where large cotton, small cotton and long-staple cotton plants are cultivated.
Various global countries are still engaging in cotton-related businesses, including cultivation, production and trading, understanding the usefulness of cotton for their basic needs, particularly in the production of textile and clothes.
The industrial crop cotton is still beneficial to the lifestyle of Myanmar people with textile made of cotton which is suitable for climatic conditions of the country. That is why don’t forget the cotton. Let’s develop such a crop!

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