DVB TV News’ Facebook Page spreads fabricated news

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DVB TV News’ page on Facebook social network posted a status on 18 February accusing that the a prisoner who was prisoned by armed criminal case, was shot dead on 16 February.
Investigating the incident regarding the news, at about 9:30 am on 16 February, Pyapon Prison handed over five inmates who were facing other cases to the Myanmar police under the remand of the judge from relevant court, and those inmates were fully hand over to the prison in the evening of the same day.
The DVB’s news is only fabricated with subversive intent to misrepresent and mislead the public about the administrative institutions.
A critic said that as only a group of illiterates and people with the luck of knowledge would believe this kind of fabricated news, DVB has revealed its status. — MNA/TKO

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