Efficiently spend allotted funds without losing capital

The State economic promotion fund was separately set up with K400 billion from the national natural disaster management fund to lend loans to local businesspersons at the soft interest rate in order to operate agriculture and livestock farms which can secure a quick win for the State.
As part of the development of the economy in relevant regions and states, some amounts of the State economic promotion fund were allotted to relevant ministries and regions and states. In this regard, K230 billion was allotted to the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation, K10 billion each to Kayah, Chin and Rakhine states, K8 billion each to Kachin, Kayin, Mon and Shan states and Taninthayi Region and K5 billion each to five self-administered zones and one self-administered division, totalling K330 billion.
The Union government has informed region and state, self-administered division and zone administration bodies about financial rules and regulations related to the capital from the State economic promotion fund to do economic processes under the prescribed rules and regulations.
In recent years, the economic status of the nation was seen a downtrend. The country’s GDP plunged to the minus position. As such, the government set up a separate fund for providing capital to manufacturing industries based on agriculture and livestock farms, and local businesses which can create job opportunities for the people by boosting production. Hence, these relevant businesses need to strive for having greater success in their processes and agriculture and livestock farms spending the allotted capital.
They all have to emphasize the efficient use of cultivable lands, cultivation of crops under double cropping or mixed cropping patterns, operating agriculture and livestock farms together, and manufacturing value-added products with the use of domestic raw materials in the establishment of industries based on agriculture and livestock farming businesses. If so, these businesses will bring quick wins to businesspersons as well as the State.
Hence, local authorities and all businesspersons have to strive to secure greater processes in the manufacturing of quality processes not only for local consumption but for export purposes. Consequently, they can earn foreign exchange as income whereas the government can earn revenue from its earnings.
The funds without losing capital will benefit micro, small and medium-sized enterprises to boost their quality production in relevant regions and states. As such, those organizations and businesses need to spend the allotted funds under the financial rules and regulations for achieving success in their products under the economic objectives adopted by the State.

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