Efforts are being made to understand different isms as much as possible setting aside different opinions and cooperating with those organizations in a common attitude: Vice-Senior General Soe Win

Chairman of the Central Committee for Observing the Diamond Jubilee Independence Day 2023 Vice-Chairman of the State Administration Council Deputy Prime Minister Vice-Senior General Soe Win attended the first meeting of the central committee at the Union government office in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday afternoon.
In his speech, the Vice-Senior General underscored that in looking back at the history of the nation, although governments have changed ruling the nation one after another since the independence was regained in 1948, dogmatism, racism, different concepts and trust based on religions were born together with the independence due to the divide-and-rule administration of colonialists from the time when the country lost its independence to date. Setting aside the different opinions, all need to join hands in upholding the common trust. Since its taking responsibilities of the State, the State Administration Council formed the National Solidarity and Peacemaking Central Committee, Work Committee and Committee. And then, NCA signatories and non-signatories were invited in April 2021 and the government has been holding peace talks with individual groups to restore perpetual peace. The Prime Minister himself met with them to discuss policy affairs and the working committee and negotiation committees have been holding with those groups to seek solutions. The Prime Minister adopted two national work processes for ensuring the prosperity of the nation and the sufficiency of food. Efforts are being made to understand different isms as much as possible and set aside different opinions and cooperate with those organizations in a common attitude. Now, the Union based on multiparty democracy and federalism will be built. The 75Th Anniversary of Independence Day will be celebrated in line with the above-mentioned policies.
It is necessary to implement the building of the Union based on multiparty democracy and federalism in addition to two national work processes adopted by the Prime Minister for changing the situation of the people to enjoy the fruits of development and prosperity of the State.
This year’s national objectives of the 75th Anniversary of Independence Day are: to be firm in the discipline-flourishing multiparty democracy and build the Union based on democracy and federalism, make utmost efforts for implementation of the national work processes for the prosperity of the nation and food sufficiency, build a better nation and socio-economic life in line with the motto: Keep Moving Forward to Achieve Our Goal focusing on the interests of the State and the people, to strive for forging the national unity and peace of the Union with the firm vow, to successfully hold the free and fair multiparty democracy general election and to establish the electoral system for proportionate representation of ethnic people. All officials need to actively participate in the tasks for successfully holding the Diamond Jubilee Independence Day.
Central committee members discussed the formation of relevant subcommittees, future plans and the successful hold of the Diamond Jubilee Independence Day. The secretary of the central committee sought approvals for the formation of the organizing committee and work committes.
After attending to the needs, the Vice-Senior General gave a concluding remark. — MNA

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