Efforts should be made to develop agro-based industries and increase private sector investment: MoALI Union Minister

U Tin Htut Oo sskm

Union Minister for Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation U Tin Htut Oo and officials visited private factories in the Thakayta Industrial Zone and the Thilawa Industrial Zone on 24 June to coordinate the needs of entrepreneurs.
During his visit, the Union minister said that efforts should be made to coordinate the needs of government departments for the development of agro-based industries and the development of private sector investment.
First, the Union minister and party inspected the fish and shellfish products of a private industrial company in the Thakayta Industrial Zone and observed the operation of frozen shrimp processing.
“It would be more profitable for entrepreneurs to be able to produce and export high-value products such as fish fillets rather than export shrimp,” he pointed out.
The Union minister also discussed job creation conditions for local people, fish caught from natural freshwater and saltwater in addition to farmed fish and shrimp in the long run and making efforts to produce and export shrimp.
Afterwards, the Union minister and party inspected rice mills, the use of bran oil mill and rice husk electricity in the field, wheat production and food production, advanced oil refineries and refineries and packaging factories.
The Union minister said that the oil mills from advanced oil mills can be fully used for animal feedstuffs so that edible oil can be produced as a by-product.
He also discussed the need for cooperation for the emergence of small and medium-sized oil refineries needed for the domestic oil industry, and issues related to the expansion of the joint venture contract farming system between entrepreneurs and farmers to ensure that entrepreneurs can get the required quantity and quality of crops.
Similarly, the Union minister and party inspected the production of agricultural input compound fertilizers in the Thilawa Industrial Zone.
The Union minister also discussed issues related to domestic agricultural inputs and access to imported raw materials and private entrepreneurs producing different proportions of fertilizers depending on the needs of the crop. —MNA

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