Early April heat triggers fainting, fever, and fatal strokes

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The social and rescue association provides assistances to a man who suddenly fainted at a bus stop near Yangon Railway Station in Mingala Taungnyunt township on 3 April.

The temperature has begun mounting in Yangon since early April, resulting in sudden deaths from haemorrhagic strokes, and some people have fainted and had high fevers, according to Lin Latt social and rescue association.
A man suddenly blacked out at a bus stop near Yangon Railway Station in Mingala Taungnyunt township at around 11 am on 3 April, and the social and rescue association assisted in transporting him to Yangon General Hospital.
Those who have chronic diseases such as cardiac disease, hypertension, diabetes and kidney disease should be aware of the extreme heat and should not go outside in the hot daylight, the association warned.
“As of early April, most of the patients we assisted are those who died from haemorrhagic stroke and who have fainted and high fever. Therefore, if people need to go outside unavoidably, please go in the early morning or evening, and please reside in shady areas with low temperatures,” it warned.
It urged people to choose cotton wear, not to drink iced water and to reduce coldness before getting out of an air-conditioned car.
Those who need to work under the sunlight, those who have hypertension, those who drink excessively, those who drink iced water and those who take a bath shortly after returning home from hot sunlight may suffer a haemorrhagic stroke. Therefore, people should avoid going outside under the hot sunlight, and if it is necessary, wear long sleeves, an umbrella or hat, drink plenty of water but not iced water and avoid alcohol and tobacco, as warned by health authorities. — MT/ZS/ED

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