Empower individuals with disabilities: A collective responsibility


In an ideal world, no one desires to confront the challenges imposed by disabilities. Every individual aspires to possess physical and mental strengths that align with societal norms. However, those living with disabilities, whether by circumstance or choice, often grapple with the dichotomy of accepting their conditions as either a gift or a burden.
It is imperative that we refrain from exploiting the vulnerabilities of others across all spheres of life. Simultaneously, individuals with disabilities should not succumb to despondency regarding their physical limitations. Disabilities are not a source of shame; rather, the societal stigma attached to them warrants correction. Hence, extending a helping hand to persons with disabilities becomes a collective responsibility.
Aligned with the 2023 International Day for People with Disabilities theme, “United in Action to Rescue and Achieve the SDGs for, with, and by Persons with Disabilities,” a global effort is required to assist those with disabilities in enjoying the benefits of sustainable development goals established by the United Nations.
Persons with disabilities need encouragement to pursue their goals with resilience. Whether individual or collective, support serves as a steadfast pillar for individuals with disabilities to shape their lives according to their aspirations, aligning themselves with the broader population. This collaborative approach fosters a shared journey towards nation-building endeavours.
The United Nations Disability Inclusion Strategy serves as the cornerstone for sustainable progress in disability inclusion across all UN initiatives. This strategy underscores the intrinsic link between the realization of human rights for persons with disabilities and the broader spectrum of fundamental human rights and freedoms.
This underscores the importance of a collective effort from individuals worldwide, including citizens of Myanmar, to ensure an equally shared future. Lending a helping hand to individuals with disabilities is a pivotal aspect of building a shared future, offering them the opportunity to elevate their physical and mental capabilities that societal biases may have overshadowed.
A societal ethos that acknowledges the equal potential of every individual, regardless of their abilities or disabilities, is essential. Living harmoniously in society is a non-negotiable principle, where no one has the right to deny coexistence with persons with disabilities, just as those individuals do not have the right to be excluded. It is a mutual responsibility for both parties to extend their hands in unity, fostering an inclusive and supportive environment for all.

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