Enhance the individual capacity of citizens to see a better future for the nation


Enhancement of individual capacity of citizens is the basic factor for nation-building tasks and having a strong and dynamic political system. According to the theories in political science, a human cannot stand in the unchangeable lifestyle but the streamline of evolution theory. As such, citizens must have high capacity in individuals and good critical thinking.
At this juncture, the developed countries are fully utilizing their human resources in the nation-building systems. Despite possessing lesser natural resources including lands and waters, some countries in Asia and Europe are wealthy. It is because they always give training to citizens for improvement of capacity higher and higher.
Capacity enhancement of citizens is a root cause to efficiently utilize human resources. In so doing, the education and health sectors play a key role in utilizing human resources. In the past, as Myanmar could not promote the education standard to some extent, the education qualification of youths on whom the State can rely declined.
As such, the State Administration Council is placing emphasis on the implementation of the social objectives, comprising an objective “To enhance the health, fitness and education quality of the entire nation.” Actually, it is a design to sow quality seeds to be able to harvest quality fruits in the future.
Myanmar enriches fertile soil for agriculture and natural resources as well as human resources. It is necessary to utilize human resources for enhancing the original value of natural resources and quality and increasing the export sector of the nation. In the past, Myanmar just relied on import goods but produced raw materials for the manufacturing sector. Consequently, the country derailed from the deserved achievement.
Making efforts for the development of highly-qualified human resources of the country require prevailing peace and stability of the State as well as the rule of law in addition to the restoration of the perpetual peace. Youths have a chance to peacefully learn education. Their capacity enhancement depends on the collaboration of the government and the people in the correct attitudes.
If the country misses a chance to efficiently deploy human resources despite possessing abundant natural resources, the development of the nation will be weak. As such, all the citizens need to always strive for enhancement of their individual capacity and participate in the nation-building endeavours by effectively utilizing the human resources.

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